Kristy & Dan’s Waiheke Wedding

The weather in Auckland was a bit touch & go after all night rain and early morning stormy clouds. Bit of a worry as we left Auckland heading for Waiheke(thank you Gail) Island to photograph Kristy & Dan’s wedding day. The emergency services were putting on a family fun day by the Auckland Downtown ferry terminal so as the ferry departed we were treated to great views of Auckland’s finest putting on a terrific show. Then out burst the sun, beautiful & glorious, shining for every Auckland bride or at least in our case Waiheke bride . Anyway phew! A short taxi ride from the ferry at Waiheke and we arrived at The Pah with it’s breathtaking views over Onetangi Beach. A wedding photographer’s dream. We had all been to The Pah earlier in the year to plan the photography so everything was perfect to go. Kristy had designed and made all of the table decorations and the flowers with elegant simplicity for their reception under canvas. Here are a few of my favourite photos from the day all taken by Auckland wedding photographer Chris Loufte

Keep up with us if you can!
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A wonderful wedding on Waiheke Island.

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