About Chris


“ For me it’s all about great photography and by planning together we can make sure the photos of your day will be perfect, after all they will be yours for ever.”

I started photography professionally in 1996. Back them I worked mainly for New print and Magazines. The Print Media is all about capturing the moment and telling a story through photography. 5 years later I took those skills and became wedding photographer.

I still keep that same reportage style today in my photography. 17 years on and I can honestly say I love wedding photography as much now as I did then. All of the weddings I have shot have been different and it’s that uniqueness that I still find exciting and enjoy.

I think that most people would like to find out more about wedding photography and chat through their plans and ideas without the worry of getting caught up in an elaborate sales pitch. If that strikes a cord wih you then why not call me direct on 02102 773 102 I can offer you honest and practical help that will enable you to plan your wedding photography. With 20 years of photography experience I have some great ideas and advice that will make a difference you will see in your photos.

Thanks for doing such a fantastic job on our wedding day. You were so much more than just a photographer and our beautiful abum is my most treasured possession (after my new husband of course)”………Stephanie & Chris

For all commercial photography and videography please head to www.clphoto.co.nz