New Zealand Wedding Photography Packages

New Zealand wedding photography packages and pricing information. Find out how much an experienced, award-winning wedding photographer costs.

It is only right and fair that you know what you are paying upfront. My belief in this is so strong that I publish in full the pricing of my wedding packages. It’s not something all New Zealand wedding photographers do, but it means if you do decide to get in touch, you know I will not try to sell you anything.

In fact, I will help you understand my approach and happily offer you the benefit of my long experience to help you plan your wedding photography. I also understand that wedding packages aren’t for everyone, so if you have an alternative idea that you would like to explore, let me know! Let’s work together to build a plan that suits your budget.

Wedding packages NZ

Wedding packages and pricing options on offer are detailed below.

New Zealand Wedding Photography Packages

Photo 4 – Get The essentials.

Four hours any time photographic coverage of your big day.

300+ hand-processed photos – full HD showreel video of your photos set to music – sneak peek online gallery a few days after your wedding

for just $1995.00

sunset wedding photo of bride and groom kissing in front of Rangitoto at fort takapuna

Photo Classic – Have what you want.

Full photography of your wedding day, starting with bridal preparations to the ceremony and continuing throughout the day, including the first half-hour of your reception.

600+ hand-processed photos – full HD showreel of your photos set to music – sneak peek online gallery a few days after your wedding

All for just $2995.00

Photo Classic Gold Have The Whole Jolly Lot.


From bridal preparations right through till you let your hair down and get your boogie on.

700+ hand-processed photos – full HD showreel of your photos set to music – sneak peek online gallery a few days after your wedding

all for just $3500.00

Bride and groom cut their wedding cake at Kumeu Valley estate

Evening Coverage – Have a little extra.

Get great shots of unrepeatable moments. A terrific additional option for photo 4 and photo classic packages.

speeches – guests – cake cutting – dancing – and more

For just $650.00

Get in touch if you want to talk about which of my wedding packages will work best for you. We can also discuss what adaptations and extensions I offer, such as arranging an unforgettable engagement shoot.

Are you having an estate wedding or elopement?

I will be there to capture the perfect, intimate, gorgeous photos of you and your guests. Critical to my process is pre-wedding photography planning. As soon as you choose your favourite out of your wedding venue options, I will want to know where is your Auckland wedding venue located. Whether you decide to get married in Auckland or somewhere further in New Zealand, let’s talk about how we can make it work.

Then, together we will visit all the sites you choose and plan the photography for your day, including:

  • The best photo opportunities your wedding venue boasts
  • Where the best lighting will be
  • Creating a wet weather plan (we all know how New Zealand’s rain can get)
  • Timing

I put a lot of emphasis on getting a clear wedding venue image during the planning process because, of course, different spaces will play a massive role in how I photograph your ceremony and reception. Whether you decide to tie the knot at some gorgeous gardens, a vineyard, a church, an estate or hotel suites, trust that I will account for all the quirks of the site.

Where people host their weddings is essentially my office for the day (lucky me!), and getting to know the space will help you and me both to get the best photo plan.

From the wedding ceremony to the reception

On the day, you will get terrific coverage of every part of the wedding day that we planned and more. My photo album will make the most of what your wedding venue offers, and I will apply my extensive technical skills to capture the perfect essence of your vision. I will cover every unforgettable moment, along with the quieter, intimate ones, so that you can keep those treasured memories of your wedding day fresh in your mind throughout your marriage.

I am all about the details at weddings – how to get the perfect shot of you walking down the aisle, the moments when your guests have to dab a few tears away, the way you and your spouse-to-be keep looking at each other throughout the day. Expect to see plenty of these candids, as well as all the images that we planned as we did our tour of the venue space.

My goal is to capture an unforgettable photo album so that your wedding day can live on as if it were yesterday. Photographing weddings is my passion, and I would love to be there on your big day.

Working with a photographer experienced with weddings, like myself, is 100% worth it. I am not just there to get good photos – my job is to make sure you get all the photos that you REALLY want from your wedding. Think of me as a critical part of your New Zealand event hire – at weddings, you need a photographer as much as you need a celebrant.

Weddings are some of life’s highlights. You and your spouse will be out there looking and feeling your best, and I know every trick in the book to ensure you look amazing in every image. During the planning phase, I will happily talk you through all the different ways we can get those iconic photos from the ceremony, including:

  • The reveal
  • The way everyone reacts when the bride/groom walks down the aisle
  • The vows
  • The kiss
  • The bridal party
  • The groomsmen

But I won’t just be photographing you (unless, of course, you want me to). I will pay close attention to everything going on at the wedding that you will want to remember, from the way your guests captivate the dance floor at the reception to the cake, the catering, the venue, and more.

We can also discuss whether you would like professional engagement photos ahead of the ceremony/reception if you want to capture more of your love story or get a bit of practice in front of the camera.

I understand that it can sometimes feel strange to have such intimate times captured by someone you don’t know. I will happily give you plenty of room and make sure you feel comfortable around me. That way, you will be looking and feeling confident and showing off your joy, and you don’t have to rely on your guests to get the photos you want.

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