Detailed Planning

Planning is the corner stone of every successful project. It’s no different for wedding photography. When you book your photography at ‘theweddingphotographer’ we will start by talking through the vision you have of your day. We can do this on site at your chosen venues. Because we are all there together we can see what will work and what might not. We know if a background will be fantastic or should be discounted all together because we have stood there and seen it. Then we can put together a comprehensive plan for your photography to run seamlessly, so on the day all of my time is given to taking great photographs.

We will time the whole day through from preparations right to the ‘curtain call’ and look at everything, from the creative stuff like backgrounds, locations and lighting through to transport and wet weather plans and weather you should choose a hot or cold starters at your reception.

If you have a planning query feel free to drop us a line or call 0800 500 445.


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