Away up north to Kohukohu, Hokianga for a truly special wedding. An invasion of Norsemen (and women) as Kristian’s family made the long journey from their home shores of Norway. All found themselves in fine voice with the singing of traditional folk songs. Anyone who knows Rebekah & Kristian knew that they would make their long journey worth while as all sat down to course after course of to notch Italian themed food not to mention the wine-( Kristian’s personal department – taking one for the team he graciously consented to take on the arduous task of dealing with the wine merchants of Auckland, tasting away with enthusiasm until he had come up with a staggeringly cleaver choice of wine to compliment Rebekah’s exquisite menu.  Did we notice the rain on the day? Not a bit of it! We squelched and splucked our way through with joy in our hearts ans smiles on our faces.

“Chris is totally professional but relaxed and friendly. He was happy to travel up  from Auckland, and worked incredibly hard and yet the photos look totally effortless.Our photos are incredible,natural and  totally gorgeous at the same time. Without exception ur guests and friends all loved him, which shows in the beautiful photos of them all.The pleasure we have in looking at the photos of our wedding is wonderful “……..Rebekah & Kristian

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