Wedding Photos of Eileen & Shane

A wonderful union between a Irish lass and a Kiwi gent at Mantells in Mount Eden. Hair and make up at Mount Eden Villa. A truly touching reveal in a peaceful nook of the Eden Villa garden.

The most natural and loving reveal I’ve ever seen.

This lovely couple enjoy such a special and intimate moment together. Before going to Mantells for the wedding they chose to have a reveal in the charming boutique back garden at Mount Eden Villa. Shane & Eileen enjoy such a deep connection that you can really see it in the photos. It’s quite remarkable. Photographed on a long telephoto lens so that I could be well back out of the way. I was free to really capture the emotion of the moment. To capture moments as special as these it’s so important to be in the right place , well out of the way. Get too close and you risk breaking the spell.

Our pre-wedding photo planning done we settled on Cornwall Park to shoot some creative wedding photos. Cornwall park is a slice of the countryside just a hop skip and jump from the Auckland CBD. Well worth check out as a wedding photo location if you are over that way.

The gorgeous Mantells Mount Eden hosted the main event and reception which was a riot of fun, festivity and outrageously good food. Mantells in Mount eden and of course their Mantells on Tamaki Drive are famed for their exquisite food. Which is great because your guest will thank you an talk about it for years to come. Take a look at a sample menu. Yum!

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