We feel very fortunate to have found Chris to be our Photographer! With his attention to detail and calm, relaxed manner, we and our guests enjoyed the delightful photographing experience he provided. Chris is also the one for telling your story as it is and making the photos look so beautiful and “in the moment”. Thank you Chris for all your hard work and dedication, and giving us memories we will cherish forever. If you would like somebody work with you to plan and execute your dream-day to perfection, Christopher Loufte is your Wedding Photographer!

If ever there was a fairy tale Indian wedding this was most certainly it. Over 900 guests joyfully filled the Mahatma Gandhi Centre in Auckland to watch Smita & Kiran make their wedding vows to each other in a wonderfully traditional full Indian wedding ceremony. Three full days of ceremony and celebration. The actual wedding day was crazy fun. Everyone ( and I mean everyone) wanted to congratulate the happy couple. It was soon clear that if they all had their chance we would be on stage receiving guests until the following Tuesday so…. Smita, Kiran, me  and as many of the bridal party we could pull away sneaked out and make a run for The Winter Garden in the Domain as the light fell for a creative shoot. Mind you we were on a promise to return to the official proceedings just as soon as we could for the final farewell which, let me tell you, was a truly awe inspiring show of emotion and heart pouring…. Did I mention the food…Oh the food, the food!

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